Ventilator Window

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Ventilator Window

In any building, proper air exchange is a fundamental prerequisite of occupant comfort in modern residential space. In the old days when ventilation system designs were based on the assumption of outdoor air supply through numerous cracks in the window frames,  A window ventilator is a passive device that ensures the natural flow of fresh airframes. According to the need of a client, we suggest it bathrooms predominantly

  • The Quoted Price is for Frame Structure only with hardware
  • Glass Will be Charged separately as per your requirements whether Single or Double Glaze
  • 15 years Warranty against all  manufacturing faults by the manufacturer
  • All imported hardware used
  • These windows protect mosquitoes and fly entering the house through the windows
  • This UPVC Profile raw material is imported  from China and manufactured in Pakistan
  • German and Turkish UPVC Windows are also available for estimation given on demand
  • it is estimated cost of windows measuring 2×2 feet upto 2×4
  • As dimensions and style change price will be charged accordingly


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